A better way to find yourself is to ask right questions

  • who am I?
  • what are your next steps?
  • why are you doing what you do?
  • why are you doing it for who you are doing it for?
  • why are you not doing what you want to do?
  • why are you not doing it for who you want to?
What questions do you ask yourself?

It is a good time to update your CV

I think it is a good idea to update CV and job profiles in internet from time to time.
I suppose we should do it at least one time per year or half of year.
Even if you do not what to change you job I would suggest you to update CV.
The reason is just to write your key achievements down.

How often do you update your CV?

Current blog is moved to new domain.

I think it's a new level of my blogging.

New domain is

So welcome!!!

New Year - New opportunities

It is not a secret that new year gives us new opportunities. Somebody knows that, somebody does not know but majority do not even think about it.

It is a great chance to look back to the previous year and plan next steps.


I do not think I know much advices but i really know it is time to change.
At the moment, I do not have plans but i would like to do following:
  • change myself to be more flexible. It is hard time where we can not be sure that we will have stable work and salary
  • improve communications. There is no hopeless situation. You just do not know answer. May be your family or friends know something about that.
  • stop doing unnecessary things. You even do not suspect how much unnecessary things you are doing. It is time to make choice and do only we really need.
I do not think it is completed list but you know, most difficult thing is to do first steps.

What are yours first steps?