Moscow isn't so bad as I imagine.

I'm in Moscow since Monday. I have business trip. I always busy here but yesterday and the day before yesterday I had a chance to walk around Sparrow Hills. I always supposed Moscow it's long traffic jams and without parks and with grey buildings. I was wrong. Please check it out.

I'm going to visit Prague

A few month ago I just sat down and started to think what country I'd like to visit.

Last time I was in Budapest (Hungary) and I was amazed of this city. Thermal water, Papers, Marchpane and so on. Well, I made an acquaintance of some girl that was in Prague also. She suggested me visiting Prague first.

Now, I'm going to visit this city in early May. Just wanted to find out some information what the best places are and what we should see firstly. All I know about Czech Republic is good beer, Beherovka and charming Prague.

Who was in Prague please share with me some information!

  • What are the best places?
  • Where are the best restaurant?
  • Where can I taste the best draught beer?
Thanks in advance for your help! :)

Czech Republic, Prague. Cost of living.

Today I'll outline amazing country Czech Republic. Namely, I'll writing about Prague.

Quote: Prague is like a vertical Venice steps everywhere.
Author: Anonymous

So lets start.

At first i'd like to reminder current index for eur/czk and usd/czk
1 USD = 15.5159038 CZK
1 EUR = 24.7307991 CZK


Individuals who are permanently resident in the Czech Republic (as determined by their circumstances) or are usually domiciled here (i.e. spend more than 183 days per annum in the Czech Republic) are considered to be tax resident in the Czech Republic and are liable to Czech tax on their world-wide income. If the individuals are present for less than 183 days, then they are liable to tax only on their Czech-source income. These rules apply to Czech as well as foreigners.

Everybody working in the Czech Republic is liable to Czech social and health insurance payments. It is only in the case of short-term secondments that non-Czech nationals may be exempt from contributions to the Czech system. The employer is obliged to deduct tax advances under a payroll deduction scheme and at the end of the fiscal year, any differences between the amount due and amount advanced would be settled the following tax year. It is possible following the end of the tax year to claim tax relief for certain payments such as mortgage interest and life insurance (if the individual’s Czech income exceeds 90% of his/her world-wide income). If the employee received any additional income exceeding CZK 6,000 (except exempt income or, for example, dividends), then he would be obliged to file an income tax return.

The czech income tax rate for individual's income in 2008 is flat, a 15% rate. In 2007 tax on the income of individuals was payable at rates of 12% - 32%.
Mandatory social and health insurance payments are: Employee- 12.5%.

Well, common tax will be 27,5%

Useful links:
  • CzechInvest, the inward investment agency:
  • Ministry of Finance:
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Czech National
  • Czech
  • Ministry of Industry and
  • Ministry of Labour and Social
Average salary:
Sr. Software Engineer - 40000 USD
Software Engineer - 25000 USD
Property to rent:
Area: 62m
Furnished: yes
Transport: metro, tram, bus
Price: 14000 CZK (892 USD)

One-way Ticket - 14.00
Transfer Ticket - 20.00 CZK
24-hour Pass - 80.00 CZK
Monthly Pass - 460.00 CZK (30 USD)
Annual Pass - 4,150.00 CZK
Taxi (airport to center) - 400.00 CZK
Taxi (within center) - 150.00
Food cost:
Milk (1 liter) - 16.00
Loaf of Fresh Bread - 24.00 CZK
French Baguette 19.00 CZK
Eggs (10) - 24.00 CZK
Cheese (100g) - 20.00 CZK
Water (1.5 liter bottle) - 12.00 CZK
Bottle of Czech Wine - 80.00 CZK
Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) - 12.00 CZK
Imported Beer (0.33 liter bottle) - 30.00 CZK
Pack of Cigarettes (Marlboro) - 60.00 CZK
Pack of Cigarettes - Czech Brand - 40.00 CZK
Basic (Gas, Electricity, etc.) - 2,500.00 CZK
Phone (Land Line) - 500.00
Mobile Phone - 700.00 CZK
Internet (512 kbps ADSL) - 600.00 CZK
So to sum it up:
I've calculated that live in Prague will monthly cost you 25000-30000CZK (1600-1900 USD).
Let do a small calculation here. If average salary is 40000-45000 CZK (2500-2900 USD) then your income after paying tax will be 30000-33000 CZK (1900-2200 USD) and finally, after all expenditures you will have 5000 CZK (300 USD).
Well, to be honest, it's not good situation but if you receive 60000-70000 CZK then you will be live without complain.

What I'm trying to say, your life is in your hands.
Good luck and hope for the best.