Weekends. Windsurfing.

Recently, I wrote about rest in life and how it should be. So I started immediately and have a good results but I don't know how much time can it take. You know self-control is so difficult thing. I guess it's really long and hard process. The first thing of my plan is to change my life. :) It sounds ambitious but anyway it's.

I decided to try windsurfing. Today my friends and I went out to "Kiev sea" near Vyshhorod. I never tried this sport before and it was interested for me how it works and how excited I will be :)

At first, all started early morning when my friends called me and said: "Hi man! Are you ready?!" and my answer: "Yes, I'm". We knew that day promised well and we had a good mood. We bought beer and food :) and set out.

"Kiev sea" is situated approximately 20 minutes from Kiev. That's why the way to it wasn't hard. When we arrive I was surprise there were so many windsurfers around. I guess it's rare sport. I was wrong.

We rent a board. Namely, It's called sailboard with one single sail. It cost 70 UAH per hour. I must say It's not so expensive.

One of my best friends gave advices on how to use it and some theory. As it turned out it was not so easy as I supposed. Anyway I tried and had a good result as for beginners :).

In fact, I don't have much words to express my feelings. You need to try it and you will understand me fully.

I assume main thing I understand today I HAVE TO TRY AND LEARN SOMETHING NEW EACH TIME.

No more work. Make a start from rest to your productivity.

Yesterday I sat and thought I work too much. How much time do we spend for solving problems on the work place and how much time do we spend for yourself. Problems, rushing, deadlines... Stop! No more work!

We should organize our time during working hours.
I firmly decide my productivity proportional to my good habitude of soul and state of mind. Conclusion - I should have renewal system for all day.

My system will be consist of short term rest, long term rest and lunch.
These kind of rest have priority (1 - the best one, 5 - the poor one):
1. Throw out your work thoughts. Come to street. Take a sit on the bench and just relax. You deserve and lets other wait for you.
2. Go out from room and visit your acquaintance within office. It might be play ping-pong. (We have table in our office :))
3. Stand up and to do light exercises close to your place.
4. Sit on chair and start a conversation to someone about non-working things.
5. Break my work and just sit on the chair and close my eyes.

Time for rest have some rules because I should do work and show result:
1. Every hour have a 5 minutes rest.
2. Lunch should be outside office if it's possible.
3. Spend 40 minutes for lunch.
4.To have a nap for 15-20 minutes after lunch.

I suppose it's simple and obvious rules for everyone but very often we disregard it.
Lets be careful to yourself and lets try to remember all is in our hands. Who will be care of you except of you?

Outbrain. New feature for your blog.

A few days ago, I was thinking about how to add rating of my posts. I check internet and find out OUTBRAIN feature. It integrates ratings and personalized recommendations, quickly and free. Their widgets support, TypePad, WordPress (installed version only), Drupal and others.

Just check it out for every my post at the end.

The One Minute Manager. Book to be read.

Recently, I bought ebook and started read more and more. Yesterday, I've finished with The Art Of Software Testing. Therefore, today, I'll start with next one. It will be The One Minute Manager.

I'd like to read this book since I've read Who moved my cheese? a few month ago. These books have the same author. Spencer Johnson wrote very small but effective tips for every. The message is clear, and implementing the ideas is straight-forward and laid out in the book. So it's quickly, easy and understandably.

Other book reviews across internet:
"The secrets of one-minute management will help a manager boost profits and productivity immediately through increases employee morale and job satisfaction. For any person who is currently manager striving to get the most from people, or who is planning to become one in the near future, "The One Minute Manager" is an indispensable success too"


"The author explains how to effectively use your one minute to accomplish your task of explanation, praise or reprimand. Being a parent, many of these principals and teachings can be applied to parenting. We should be able to tell our children what needs to be done in less than one minute, explain something they should not have done in less than one minute and praise a great job, yet again in less than one minute. A good quick read and the book earned its place on my shelf with the “to be read again” stack."


I still don't read it but definitely recommend it.

Book. I've read.The art of software testing.

It provides a practical discussion of the nature and aims of software testing. You'll find the latest methodologies for the design of effective test cases, including information on psychological and economic principles, managerial aspects, test tools, high-order testing, code inspections, and debugging. Accessible, comprehensive, and always practical, this edition provides the key information you need to test successfully, whether a novice or a working programmer.

Table of content:

Chapter 1: A Self-Assessment Test.

Chapter 2: The Psychology and Economics of Program Testing.

Chapter 3: Program Inspections, Walkthroughs, and Reviews.

Chapter 4: Test-Case Design.

Chapter 5: Module (Unit) Testing.

Chapter 6: Higher-Order Testing.

Chapter 7: Debugging.

Chapter 8: Extreme Testing.

Chapter 9: Testing Internet Applications.

I recommend it if you are related to software testing :)

Liquor. Becherovka. Cocktail receipts.

Last time i was in Czech Republic and bought a few bottles of Becherovka. You know it's a best Liquor for me.

Today I found a few cocktail receipts with Becherovka:

Becherovka 4 cl, Cola 15 cl
Slice of lemon and ice

Becherovka 4 cl, Blue Curacao 2 cl, Top Topic 15 cl
Orange, mint and ice

Becherovka 4 cl, Top Topic 15 cl
Grapes, ice

Becherovka 4 cl, Campari 2 cl, Top Topic 15 cl
Slices of lemon and lime and ice

Becherovka 4 cl, Orange juice 15 cl, Grenadine 1 cl
Orange, strawberry and ice

Becherovka 4 cl, Currant Juice 15 cl, Soda water 5 cl
Slice of orange and ice

Becherovka 4 cl, Grapefruit juice 15 cl, Soda water 5 cl, Sugar 1 teaspoon
Slice of grapefruit and ice

Becherovka 4 cl, Lemon juice 1 cl, Tonic 20 cl
Slice of lemon and ice

Waiting for your comments :) I've already tasted BETON. It's delicious.

Google Sites. Creating and sharing a group websites.

I guess, it's not a secret that google havs ambitious plan to conquer each area. Phone, Hosting and so on.

Anyway, I'm ardent fan of company that produce new free efficient services. Google is such one. Today, I found out Google has new service.

Immediately, I serf the web and found google blog announced about new service "google sites" - It's obviously, the main purpose is to create group sites. It can be comparable to wiki engine.
Previously, they announced "google pages" - Functionality is not vast.

Lets have a look on google sites :) I create a simple one

I assume it's direct concurrent of wiki engine :)

Sister cities of Bangalore

I'm dealing with Bangalore's colleagues and wanted to find out time difference between Kiev and Bangalore. The time difference is 2h30m but it's main thing I'd like to tell. :)

I've noticed interesting thing about sister cities of Bangalore while looking thru wikipedia page. Well, check it out :)


Sister Cities

How are these cities related to Bangolore :)?

Success. What does it mean for you?

It's know truth, life has both white and black strips. Sometime I have to do think on myself and on my behavior. Honestly, It's very useful. You can better understand yourself and understand what you want from this life. Today I'm trying to think over "success". What does it mean for me?

Success doesn't come to you…you go to it.
I guess it's proactive view but anyway it's mine :) What is your point of view?

How to crack a safe in 5 minutes

I've surfed on google video and found an interesting video Safecracking. Jeff is a seven-Time World Safecracking Champion and can take down a bank vault in 5 minutes, 19 seconds. It's amazing. Check it out.

15 survival tips for new IT managers

I guess everyone in IT area set some goals for himself. In common, it's a management direction. I'm not exclusion and trying to get following knowledge. Just found good article for beginner in management. So, the move from a technical job to managing an IT department requires a variety of new skills.

Tips for developing your management skills:
1. Read the One Minute Manager series of books by Ken Blanchard
A one-minute manager is someone who gets good results without taking much time, according to Blanchard. Apply his three easy steps to management and situational leadership.

2.Learn the internal politics of your organization
Network with peer and upper managers. Ask their advice. Managers usually like to help other managers.

3. Find and understand your own weaknesses as soon as possible
Remember, you're allowed to take training, too, so make sure you do.

4. Develop your budgeting skills
Learn to manage an IT budget down to the last penny. You want to be able to clearly show the business where money can be saved.

Tips to improve your communication with executive staff
5. Don't take day-to-day problems to your boss
Instead, take recurring issues and optional solutions to the problem. Then, ask which approach your boss would recommend.

6. Try to keep project work and support work separate
It's a lot easier to justify bringing in extra staff members for a new project, as long as their salaries are included in the cost of implementing the project. Don't allow your staff to be pulled in both directions.

7. Record and report everything
Require your team to fill out timesheets so you can show where resource time is spent and back it up with data. This will aid in any arguments for extra resources and will keep you current on what the team is doing. It will also make writing your monthly reports to executive staff members easier.

8. Know your role in the event of a disaster
If you're faced with a disaster, remember that your team's job is to get the systems back in place. Ensure you have good disaster and recovery plans for mission-critical systems and leave the business recovery to others.

Tips for motivating your team, negotiating politics
9. Don't get buried in support obligations
If you have no formal help desk protocol and find that you're getting swamped with help calls, create a centralized help desk. Outsource this function if necessary. If you go this route, you should create service level agreements (SLAs) that outline your complete services.

10. Set boundaries for your team
Invest your time in enabling your staff to succeed and fend off any counterproductive requests from other departments as much as possible.

11. Learn Monkey Management
When employees come looking for help, be sure to send them away with the next action. Don't take on your employees' workload, because you'll have enough to do.

12. Perform staff appraisals at least once or twice a year
Provide staff members with clear objectives and then help them reach their goals.

13. Hold regular team meetings
This is difficult because of constant deadlines and because everyone always seems too busy. If absolutely necessary, have lunch meetings, but be sure to provide the sandwiches.

14. Don't forget recreation and rewards
Treat your team to a meal out at least once per quarter. If you control the budget, you can manage the cost.

15. Recognize that the sum capability of your staff is your team's maximum output
Just because you have high standards, don't expect your team members to hold the same values. Praise and encourage them in their areas of strength and provide good training for their areas of weakness.

Original article here.

May holidays - Daught beer, nice places and good mood

1st and 2d May are holidays in Ukraine. Well, I took a few days of vacation and make a decision to visit Czech Republic and Germany.

Please check this out.

Karlovy Vary:


Top-Manager's salary survey for Russia by Antal International Russia

Just read one article about salary survey on CNews and must say that top-managers in Russia have a good salary. Please check it out below.

Average month salary for top-manager in Russia (thousand RUB)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 600 500
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 375 350
Chief Information Officer (CIO) 250 225
Director of Sales
275 225
HR Director 300 275

Top 100 Most Influential Technology Vendors for 2008

I found an interesting list of top 100 vendors of 2008. It's obvious but anyway look through, set goals and achieve it :)


1. Microsoft 35. i2 69. Xerox
2. Oracle 36. EDS 70. Front Range
3. SAP 37. QAD 71. Internec
4. IBM 38. Ariba 72. Manugistics
5. Cisco 39. CA 73. Palm
6. Hewlett Packard 40. Epicor 74. Unisys
7. Dell 41. Juniper 75. Yahoo!
8. 42. Sprint/Nextel 76. 3com
9. EMC 43. Tata Consulting 77. ABB
10. Sun Microsystems 44. ADP 78. CANON
11. Google 45. Fujitsu 79. Capgemini
12. RIM (Blackberry) 46. Intuit 80. Informatica
13. Siemens 47. Manhattan Associates 81. Interwoven
14. Adobe 48. Novell 82. McKesson
15. AT&T 49. Red Prairie 83. Mincom
16. Apple 50. SunGard 84. Mitel
17. Sage 51. Telstra 85. Netsuite
18. Infor 52. BMC 86. Omniture
19. Nortel 53. BT 87. Progress
20. Avaya 54. CSC 88. Rackspace
21. Red Hat 55. Skype 89. SPSS
22. Motorola 56. Infosys 90. Syntel
23. Verizon Wireless 57. NetApp 91. Teradata
24. Dassault 58. Symantec 92. T-Mobile
25. Accenture 59. Huawei 93. Toshiba
26. Sony Ericsson 60. IFS 94. Websense
27. Alcatel - Lucent 61. Microstrategy 95. Servigistics
28. AutoDesk 62. Aruba 96. Genesys
29. Intel 63. CDW 97. Logility
30. SAS 64. Concur 98. Kronos
31. Citrix 65. Exact 99. Rockwell Automation
32. Nokia 66. Hitachi 100. Checkpoint Systems
33. PTC 67. Qlikview
34. Lawson 68. Vonage

Original survey here.

Pocket wiki comes true. TiddlyWiki.

A few days ago I just surf the web and find out interesting thing. TiddlyWiki. It's a usual wiki from first sight. Well, it's true but the main advantage that this project is compact and put in one html file. Even if you add some post (it's called "tiddler" in TiddlyWiki) to wiki then engine will update itself. Namely, after posting you will have still one on html file.

Official site:

To "taste" it, just save this empty file to your box and feel it :)

What I'm reading now. "Time-Drive: how to have time for live and work"

It's a cool book how to organize yourself and to do more, have more and do it faster. Such book for you If you feel you don't have time to do all you want.

ISBN 978-5-902862-41-3, 978-5-902862-37-6
Publication: 2007
Language: Russian
See review

IBook eReader v3 is the best ebook

I sat down today and start thinking how much books I have on my PC. Unfortunately, I don't have time to read it all. So, I decided to buy lBook eReader V3. Some of my friends already had it. Yesterday I had chance to test it and seemed to me it was good. I guess main advantage is display that imitate text as it was printed on paper. Namely, your eyes don't get tired.

Official web-site:
Cost: 320 USD in Ukraine

Books forever and ever! Read and find out more and more, again and again. :)

P.S. If you have such device please write a comment here.