Pocket wiki comes true. TiddlyWiki.

A few days ago I just surf the web and find out interesting thing. TiddlyWiki. It's a usual wiki from first sight. Well, it's true but the main advantage that this project is compact and put in one html file. Even if you add some post (it's called "tiddler" in TiddlyWiki) to wiki then engine will update itself. Namely, after posting you will have still one on html file.

Official site:

To "taste" it, just save this empty file to your box and feel it :)

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16 May 2008 at 22:35

Hola Mykhailo,
I was just looking for blogs in Ukraine, when I found by chance yours. it is a quite interesting one and very beautiful.
Best wishes from Brazil:

Mykhailo Poliarush

16 May 2008 at 23:28

Hi Geraldo,
I'm trying to keep it interesting... :)

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