Ireland, Dublin. Cost of living.

Ireland taxation of an individual's income is progressive. In other words, the higher the income, the higher the rate of tax payable. In Ireland the tax rates for an individual in 2007 are 20% and 41%.
1. Tax base (EUR) = 0 - 34,000; Tax (%) = 20%
2. Tax base (EUR) = 34,001 and over; Tax (%) = 41% on base exceeding 34,000
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Average salary:
Software engineer - 36.000 EUR
Sr. Software engineer - 50.000 EUR
Project manager - 57.000 EUR
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Property to rent:
I just have a quick look for properties rent and have to say you can rent 1bedroom flat for 1.000 EUR. It might be cheapest but convenience would be considerably worse.
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Dublin has a wide range on transport systems. Each system have different fares and prices. You can see it all if you follow by links defined below. However I just want to show approximate values. So please see:
Bus adult - 85 EUR
Bus+Rail - 119 EUR
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Happy Valentine's Day!

Just want to say some lovely words about love this day. I get up every day and realize that I'm lucky because I have wife and her love. Sometimes It holds me when I have despondency and make me happy when I have a piece of good fortune.

I'd like to wish you BIG honest and open love that doesn't have limitations and rules, that gives you extra energy every day, that protects you and keeps you forever.

Who moved my cheese?

Every time I fly (i mean on the plane) I try to find some short-term entertainment. Last time (it was on Saturday) I bought small book "Who moved my cheese?". I was pretty impressed because it gave me big value in despite of small size. I spent above 2 hours to read it all but I'm thinking about such things until now. It just can give you kick and you move yourself and your thoughts.

The sense of the book is simple. it's just one story about mice that are looking for cheese all time.

If you're interested in such book and want to buy it or download it from somewhere, please read a few pages from it here. Or read review on wikipedia or see it on Amazon.

P.S. Next time I'll be in London or somewhere I'm going to read another books of Dr. Spencer Johnson that also very popular.

Tapas - Spanish appetizer

I was in London last week and had chance to visit Spanish restaurant La Tasca. It has amazing interior and brilliant atmosphere.

Anyway, this restaurant is well-known because of famous appetizer Tapas. I've ordered 8 tapas for two people. Also some tapas should be eaten with olives and olives served up on such plate. That's called "Huesos".

If you know Russian you will understand. :) If not this's filthy language.