The third dimension to pictures

Just serf Internet and found interesting pictures. It's gif animation trickery but looks good. Check this out!

Google's solution is much cheaper

"Apparently the NSW Department for Education is deciding to do away with MS Outlook and instead adopt the Gmail account for its 1.3 million school students. SMS Management and Technology will implement the new Gmail System along with Google and Telstra, under a 3-year deal worth $9.5 million over three years, with a two year extension option. In comparison, the earlier MicroSoft deal was installed by Unisys under a contract worth $33 million over 3 years, but extended by another 3 years. It was built in 2003, but actually reached the student during 2007."

As we can examine Google solution much cheaper and I guess more flexible. On my current work, I have similar problem. My email box is 40Mb in size. It's inconvenient I always clean my email box.

Book i'm reading now. Career Warfare.

Name: Career Warfare
Authors: D'Alessandro, David F./ Owens, Michele/ Gardner, Grover (NRT)
ISBN: 9781932378559

Book review:
The youngest CEO of John Hancock Financial Services shares his unique strategy for achieving business success, using funny stories to show readers how to make others take a chance for them, how to cultivate a great reputation, and how to define and buildcharacter.

Vacation. Photo-report.

A few days ago I came back from vacation. As was planned I visited three countries. Croatia - Slovenia - Italy.

You can see photos here

I guess most excited sights were lakes in mountains and Venezia.

Just check it out :)

Quote about leadership by Peter Drucker

"The main goal of leader is to use strengths of his people and do their weaknesses don't matter"

by Peter Ferdinand Drucker

P.S. Peter Drucker is the greatest theoretic of management in XX century.

Vacation. Croatia and Slovenia and Italy

Recently, I said about rest in our life and next week I'll do first big step. I'll have a vacation for next two weeks and want to visit three contries.

The plan will be following:
Croatia, Pula
Slovenia, KoperItaly, Venice
I hope it's excellent trip...
P.S. Of course, I'll write impressions about it later.

Live management. Long term plans and global goals.

For a long time I have thoughts about my time, live management and self improvement. Gradually, I'm finding out information about it. I want to share it with you and I guess we will move step by step. You know It's long and hard way but we should do first steps and grow little by little. We never be ideal but eventually, you will be much stronger if you change your life.

I must confess first step is difficult one. I believe you should be honest to yourself and say what you want from your life and what you're ready to do for it. If you don't have such decision, then you have open issues in your life that don't give you following possibility. So DECIDE AND MOVE.

What is the sense to move somewhere you don't know?

It seems to me first step (if you have decision to move) is to determine your global goals or long term plans. As far as know it's called "Live management". Let it be just one piece of paper with table.

The table may be various and depends on you but I defined following table.
First row is years. Second is my ages. Next rows' headers are areas in what I want to improve.


Personal development

Career development






Then it just need to be fulfilled and reviewed every week. It'd be great if you do it as plaque or poster. There's only one rule:

Take A Minute
Look At Your Goals
Look At Your Performance
See If Your Behavior Matches Your Goals

You will definitely reach defined goals If you visualize and review it. Just keep it in a plain view.

Book I'm reading now. The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do.

Name: The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do
Authors: Ken Blanchard, Mark Miller
ISBN: 1-57675-289-5

In The Secret, Debbie, a struggling leader finds herself about to lose her job due to poor performance. In a desperate attempt to save her career, she enrolls in a new mentoring program offered by her company. Much to her surprise, Debbie finds her mentor is the president of the company (Jeff Brown).

Debbie decides that all she needs is the answer to one question, "What is the secret of great leaders?" She is convinced that if Jeff will tell her, she can apply the secret in her leadership.

Over the next 18 months Jeff explains to Debbie that the secret is rooted in an attitude. He tells her that she must be willing to become a serving leader rather than a self-serving leader. The secret is that all great leaders serve.

After Debbie learns the secret she still doesn’t know what to do next. Jeff explains that great leaders serve in at least five ways. They…

  • See and shape the future
  • Engage and develop others
  • Reinvent continuously
  • Value results and relationships
  • Embody the values

The story unfolds as Debbie learns and applies each of these imperatives with her team. As a result, Debbie’s team goes from worst to first. They become the highest performing team within the company.

In the end, Debbie understood that all the changes and improvements were the result of the choices she made as a leader. She realized that to SERVE is a choice. Debbie decided once and for all, she would no longer be a self-serving leader, she would be a serving leader!

The Secret answers the question, "What do I need to do to be a great leader?" Books on leadership abound, and most of them emphasize one or another of the ideas explored here. But only The Secret pulls all of the five essential concepts together into a coherent plan for achieving leadership success. The core idea, based on the authors' years of experience and drawn from examples of the best leaders, is that leadership comes from service. The five ways in which leaders can succeed through service are seeing and shaping the future; engaging and developing others; reinventing continuously; valuing results and relationships; and embodying the values. Each strategy is explained in detail, with exercises and tips for integrating them into the leadership matrix. The Secret is not dry dogma; the authors show their ideas at work by following the example of a struggling leader who enrolls in a mentoring program at her company. It traces her progress in understanding and applying these concepts, and her subsequent transformation into a respected and effective leader.

How not lose yourself in vanity of vanities

I guess everyone sometimes think about our life.

What is it for?
Do we use it properly?
Are we doing wrong or right?

I don't think there's one and right answer. Everyone should think it over and highlight his own life's answers but, you know, we should keep our mind clear and understand life is one.

Every morning I wake up and mentally say:
I'm happy with my life and all i have.
Thanks god Life gives me a chance to live.
I can do all I want. Just try it and see how it's simple.
Then I play back my goals I want to achieve and do my things.

Video. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Today is good day for cinema and I wanted to see some special film. I chose "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". Just viewed it and you know I have ambiguous impression. In general, I like it and advise it. This film forced me to think.

No more words... :) Just look it and share impressions with me.

P.S. You can also look over film review here. Easy way to create and share PDF files.

Adobe company added new on line features:

  • Adobe Buzzword - on line web-editor
  • Adobe ConnectNow - on line communication
  • Create PDF files - creating files on line
  • Share PDF files - storing files up to 5 GB and share it
Please check it out at

P.S. Also Adobe announced new Acrobat 9.

Funny video


The way to find yourself. Self Improvement.

Last time I have much more thoughts about myself, my life and my behavior in general. I think I'm changing and that's why my brain gives me a signal. Grow, grow and don't stop.

I listened to some English broadcast about self-improvement. I heart a lot of interesting things and felt I was curious about this topic.

From this today I start off surveys about self-improvement as instrument to grow and improve yourself and world around you.