No more work. Make a start from rest to your productivity.

Yesterday I sat and thought I work too much. How much time do we spend for solving problems on the work place and how much time do we spend for yourself. Problems, rushing, deadlines... Stop! No more work!

We should organize our time during working hours.
I firmly decide my productivity proportional to my good habitude of soul and state of mind. Conclusion - I should have renewal system for all day.

My system will be consist of short term rest, long term rest and lunch.
These kind of rest have priority (1 - the best one, 5 - the poor one):
1. Throw out your work thoughts. Come to street. Take a sit on the bench and just relax. You deserve and lets other wait for you.
2. Go out from room and visit your acquaintance within office. It might be play ping-pong. (We have table in our office :))
3. Stand up and to do light exercises close to your place.
4. Sit on chair and start a conversation to someone about non-working things.
5. Break my work and just sit on the chair and close my eyes.

Time for rest have some rules because I should do work and show result:
1. Every hour have a 5 minutes rest.
2. Lunch should be outside office if it's possible.
3. Spend 40 minutes for lunch.
4.To have a nap for 15-20 minutes after lunch.

I suppose it's simple and obvious rules for everyone but very often we disregard it.
Lets be careful to yourself and lets try to remember all is in our hands. Who will be care of you except of you?

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