Weekends. Windsurfing.

Recently, I wrote about rest in life and how it should be. So I started immediately and have a good results but I don't know how much time can it take. You know self-control is so difficult thing. I guess it's really long and hard process. The first thing of my plan is to change my life. :) It sounds ambitious but anyway it's.

I decided to try windsurfing. Today my friends and I went out to "Kiev sea" near Vyshhorod. I never tried this sport before and it was interested for me how it works and how excited I will be :)

At first, all started early morning when my friends called me and said: "Hi man! Are you ready?!" and my answer: "Yes, I'm". We knew that day promised well and we had a good mood. We bought beer and food :) and set out.

"Kiev sea" is situated approximately 20 minutes from Kiev. That's why the way to it wasn't hard. When we arrive I was surprise there were so many windsurfers around. I guess it's rare sport. I was wrong.

We rent a board. Namely, It's called sailboard with one single sail. It cost 70 UAH per hour. I must say It's not so expensive.

One of my best friends gave advices on how to use it and some theory. As it turned out it was not so easy as I supposed. Anyway I tried and had a good result as for beginners :).

In fact, I don't have much words to express my feelings. You need to try it and you will understand me fully.

I assume main thing I understand today I HAVE TO TRY AND LEARN SOMETHING NEW EACH TIME.

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2 June 2008 at 21:40

Hei Miha,
wanna see pictures I took?

Mykhailo Poliarush

2 June 2008 at 21:55

Nice shoots!
But feel as lamer on these photos.
I hope it's just set off..

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