The One Minute Manager. Book to be read.

Recently, I bought ebook and started read more and more. Yesterday, I've finished with The Art Of Software Testing. Therefore, today, I'll start with next one. It will be The One Minute Manager.

I'd like to read this book since I've read Who moved my cheese? a few month ago. These books have the same author. Spencer Johnson wrote very small but effective tips for every. The message is clear, and implementing the ideas is straight-forward and laid out in the book. So it's quickly, easy and understandably.

Other book reviews across internet:
"The secrets of one-minute management will help a manager boost profits and productivity immediately through increases employee morale and job satisfaction. For any person who is currently manager striving to get the most from people, or who is planning to become one in the near future, "The One Minute Manager" is an indispensable success too"


"The author explains how to effectively use your one minute to accomplish your task of explanation, praise or reprimand. Being a parent, many of these principals and teachings can be applied to parenting. We should be able to tell our children what needs to be done in less than one minute, explain something they should not have done in less than one minute and praise a great job, yet again in less than one minute. A good quick read and the book earned its place on my shelf with the “to be read again” stack."


I still don't read it but definitely recommend it.

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