SGH-D880 (Duos) at last we have cell with two sim cards

Everybody in Ukraine have already known that Samsung Duos (SGH-D880) is being selling.

I'm eager to have such phone but ... always I have but :)

  • How much does it cost? Some sites give approximately ~450$. However I had a quick look to - 999$. I'm really shocked :)
  • How long battery will be alive? - 1200 мАч. If you have two sim cards then call duration will be doubled. I guess It'll be need to charge it every day. I'm too lazy.
  • And the last question does it make sense to buy it? Definitely NO

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Iurii Zozulia

10 December 2007 at 19:22

This is interesting model. I have never heard about it before. But I briefly looked on the Internet and there is no such model available here. In Switzerland a lot of people are waiting for IPhone :)

Mykhailo Poliarush

10 December 2007 at 20:12

I assume you already have iPhone.
It maybe it's Germany. :)
Anyway, I tasted it when i was in London 1 week ago.

I haven't seen such cell. I was impressed with style and functionality. However, I can't use some soft that I need. That's big minus for me. For example, using lingvo, commander, icq etc.

Currently, I have LG KE820.

It's not an iPhone but if imagine ... :)

Also iPhone is freely selling in Ukraine. There are a lot of offers. For example, lets take and try to find iPhone. Here you have results on

Mykhailo Poliarush

10 December 2007 at 20:24

Ooh by the way, do you have Meize cell phone. I mean is it selling in Switzerland


10 December 2007 at 20:54

remember, phone should be phone :)


10 December 2007 at 22:00

Hey, last time you had Nokia E61:) Do you change your phone every half year? LG looks similar to Nokia, why did you change Nokia on LG (for me it looks very strange)?
I have HTC Touch instead of IPhone (in Germany it costs 1000 euro - crazy price!!!) and I am very happy with it. I like having my Outlook contacts and calendar close with me and of course Windows Mobile 6.

Mykhailo Poliarush

10 December 2007 at 22:54

Generally, cell phone must be have one and big goal calling but sometimes you understand that you need more.

It was funny story why I changed my smartphone on simple LG.

Once when i had business trip to London my wife asked me to leave her my smart phone (Nokia e61). When I came back she said: "Now it's my phone i like it". And that's all. I don't want to have confrontation. That's why i have LG now.

Women as usual... They can get all they wanted. :)


11 December 2007 at 00:54

Sorry 4 interrupting u guys, but.... Russian? any1? no? 2 bad, 2 bad... (:
So speaking about dual sims and long living. Check out this baby: Philips Xenium 9@9w.

Mykhailo Poliarush

11 December 2007 at 18:42

yeah this's nice but... it's not selling in Ukraine. This's the main shit :)


11 December 2007 at 19:34

But as I understand Samsung can work with two SIM cards simultaneously but Philips works with one SIM at the same time.

Just for information :)

Mykhailo Poliarush

12 December 2007 at 08:34

I would prefer samsung anyway.

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