Slovakia, Bratisliva. Cost of living.

I've already written about Belgium, Brussels a few days ago and I'm going to continue write the next country's survey. I had conversation with my friend which currently works in Slovakia, Bratislava.



A 10-minute ticket costs SKK 14, and a 30-minute ticket SKK 18, which is under 50 Euro cents.



Average salary

Flat rent

Cost of living is xxx.

you know, as i saw average salary ~50k. don't forget that they pay tax :), as i saw it was ~50%.
so perhaps salary grow down to 25k ^). because in my case as i told you they proposed me near 1.7 euro per/month so ~20k per year (but -25% because of tax). but the appartment in the center of the city in bratislava ~350euro+70-100 euro(charges). ~450euro. and food costs not so expensive like in Beussels, i'm sure. but the idea is great. maybe you should create something like table where you show everything.

sorry fro misstakes, i took one bottle of wine in fridge... he he.. it is one of our benefits on a job.

i'm still waiting you here, in Bratislava... here a good point to move to the Austria or any other country.

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