Release your mind. Horizontal and Vertical personal management

From day to day I can't stop thinking about my life, events, problems and future plans. It's always stressful if you keep all things in your head. The only one problem I see here is that our brains can store information but fulfill only one operation per thinking. That's why other thoughts waiting for your action. What if this time may take three days it equals to three days worrying.

I'm trying to fight against this and suppose horizontal and vertical personal management may help.

I'll start from illustration. From my point of view It will give you more clear understanding then words. :)

Day-to-day activity force us think about routine. We should organize it to system to release our mind.


  • All problems, activities and actions should be written down on papers.

  • Big tasks should be split up to measurable and understandable points and also should be written down.

  • Papers should be divided to groups.

  • Define severity to each group.

  • And finally keep tracking your system everyday.

Day activities:

  • There should be allocated time to solve your problems and make progress on your things. Let it be define time 30 min. (You may ask me. Why 30 minutes? You should teach yourself to make decisions quickly and wisely. We have fast growing world and you should be competitive)

  • At least one paper should be picked up from one group.

  • Papers should be picked up from groups by severity.

  • You should do some progress on picked up paper.

  • Fill groups with new papers.

  • Finally, do it for all groups.

I see only advantages:

  • You always keep an eye on you things. 

  • You make appropriate progress and right decisions.

  • Big task will be measurable and understandable.

  • You feel confident.

  • You don't have stress.

  • You drive your way.


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