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This northside district has a buzzy mix of students and professionals who appreciate the edgy, underground vibe, as well as the close proximity to the city. Rent averages around €350 per month for this microcosm which boasts a large, late-night supermarket, soccer stadium and charity shops. Hop on the number 10, 19 and 22 buses
into town and make sure you have a pint in The Hut as well as the Grave Diggers, which is adjacent to Glasnevin Cemetery. This is not an area noted for its trendy drinking establishments.

'Rough' Price Guide
Local Pub
Stout - € 3.30 +
Lager - € 3.70 +
Cider - € 3.80 +
Spirits - € 2.20 +
Mixer - € 2.20 +

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